Exotic Beach Getaways for Travelers with these Recommendations

Exotic beach getaways have always been an option for people to spend their vacation time or just relax with their loved ones. This one tourist spot is a lot of choices because it offers a breathtaking and soothing view.

In a number of countries, there are several beach destinations that are included in the list of the most beautiful tourist attractions in the world. Of course, each of these beaches has its own characteristics and uniqueness that attracts travelers.

Exotic Beach Getaways for Travelers with these Recommendations

Recommended Exotic Beach Getaways for Travelers

For those of you who like to travel, the following row of beaches must be included in the list of places you will visit. These beautiful beaches include the following:

Whitehaven Beach

The first beach recommendation is located on a small island in Australia. Precisely this beach is on Whitsunday Island which you can access by helicopter or boat.

As the name implies, this beach offers amazing charm like a place in heaven. This beach is characterized by dominant sand with a pure white color. This makes it the beach with the whitest sand than others.

The seawater has a gradation of blue and white colors that make it look more beautiful and harmonious. Even this beach has been included in the list of the world’s 50 best beaches.

Fernando de Noronha

The next beach tourist destination from Pernambuco, Brazil, Fernando de Noronha. Not only the charm of the beach is tempting, but the living creatures that live in it.

This exotic beach getaway has species that make it included in the list of UNESCO cultural heritage sites. There are three things that make it fall into that category.

First, this beach is a hunting ground for marine fauna. Starting from sharks, turtles, tuna fish, and many more.

Secondly, this beach has the largest population of spinner dolphins. Lastly, Fernando de Noronha is home to the Hawksbill Sea Turtle, which is one of the rarest and most endangered animals.

Navagio Beach

Navagio Beach is a beach that has high popularity as an exotic tourist destination. Especially for Korean drama lovers, because this beach was once a setting in a phenomenal Korean drama.

The drama is none other than Descendants of The Sun with Song Jong Ki and Song Hye Kyo as the main actors.

The charm is even more complete with the addition of large protruding rocks. These rocks exist as if forming a wall that hides the existence of the beach.

The white sand is very fine with the calmness of the roaring water currents, making it one of the beaches with a perfect landscape.

Those are three recommendations for exotic beach getaways that must be included in your vacation list. These beaches will give you a new and pleasant vacation experience.