Thrilling and Unforgettable Adventure Tourism Experience

The adventure tourism experience is one of the tours that can stimulate adrenaline. For those of you who have a spirit of adventure and high courage, tours or activities like this are certainly very suitable to choose from. Travel does have many kinds.

You can specify the purpose and type according to your wishes. For some people, extreme tourism is the best choice. However, some people, many prefer tourist attractions that offer serenity.

Thrilling and Unforgettable Adventure Tourism Experience

Adrenaline Pumping Adventure Tourism Experience

Humans have become one of the creatures that do not have a sense of satisfaction. For that, not a few people who like new things. Including extreme tourism that can even target lives.

However, it is usually also done with full awareness. In addition, also for the sake of getting inner satisfaction. The following are recommendations for adventure tourism experiences.


The first tour that you can choose is a mountain climbing tour. For those of you who are still beginners, make sure to have friends who are already proficient. In addition, you also have to prepare mentally and physically well before climbing.

In this mountaineering activity, it is often carried out in groups. You can get the experience of traveling from here. You can feel the importance of cooperation, sleeping in nature, cooking in nature, extreme hiking trails, and so on.

However, of course, everything will pay off when you can survive to the top. Usually, you will also get a bonus of natural beauty that can be seen from the top of the mountain.

Bungee Jump

Bungee jumping is one of the next adrenaline-pumping tours. This one activity can be considered quite extreme activity. You will jump from a height, even hundreds of meters.

But don’t worry because there will be strict security equipment. Thus, even if you estimate from a height you will still be safe. If you want to do bungee jumping, make sure you have good mental preparation.


For those of you who are not afraid of heights, Paragliding is also the right choice for adventure tourism experiences. You don’t need to be proficient at paragliding. Currently, many places provide this service for everyone.

There will be people who accompany you when doing this activity. So, you just have to enjoy the ride. Make sure you don’t have a phobia of heights.


This one water sport can also be considered quite challenging. You have to be able to control the boat so you can get through the fast rocky river currents. Teamwork is certainly very necessary for this activity.

Those are the recommendations for adventure tourism experiences that you can choose from. You can choose according to your wish. There are lots of adventure tours that you can choose from, from water, land to air.